Walk to School Day 2015!

Join us for International Walk to School Day on October 7th 2015.

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The theme this year is Walk with the World! With the focus on walking for the earth, walking for our health and walking with kids and families all over the world. It is sure that – like every year – kids, families and schools in Moscow, Idaho are going to have alot of fun walking to school with the world!

Items of business before the event: 

  1. Each school needs a parent volunteer to work directly with Brooke Lowry (our SR2S Coordinator) to organize the event at their school.
  2. SR2S will organize 4-5 volunteers to each school to help kids cross streets and play games with them to encourage physical activity. Volunteers will mostly be International students from the U of Idaho this year!
  3. It is up to each school to make sure their students know about the event

Here are some ideas to make your event a great one at your school….

  1. Invite an International student from the U of I to your home through the Friendship Families Program http://www.uidaho.edu/international/intercultural-programs-events-and-activities/programs/friendshipfamilies
  2. Print off this Walkability Checklist to assess your route to your child’s school http://walkbiketoschool.org/sites/default/files/walkability_checklist.pdf
  3. Here are some ideas for the event at your school http://walkbiketoschool.org/get-set/event-ideas/50-event-ideas
  4. Videos to teach safe walking skills http://www.pedbikeinfo.org/pedsaferjourney

As always, children are encouraged to walk with an adult and practice their safe route to school before the event and to dress for the weather the morning of!

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