iWalk @ Russell – 2012

October 3rd was the coldest morning we’ve had for International Walk to School day! Boys and girls were dropped off by parents at Friendship Square Fountain, North Polk Extension and East City Park stage, where they were greeted by designated adults clad with safety vests to join Walking School Buses headed to our school.

As children made their way to Russell Elementary School, where 80% of the student body is either bused or driven to school, they proudly displayed their “I Walk, Do You?” and “Caution:  Walking School Bus” signs to passing cars and pedestrians.  Walking provided the children and adults with morning exercise, a chance to visit before school and practice safety rules of the road.  Once at school, the children were greeted by their Principal, Ed Norman, UI Education student-volunteers and parent Action Team Chair, Anita Thorsteinson, who all handed out Clif Bars and stickers to all the children who walked, biked and completed laps around the school yard before school.

Parent Action Team representatives were especially excited this year to coordinate with Safe Routes to School and the City of Moscow to improve the safety of pedestrian routes to Russell Elementary School.  Safe Routes to School has helped our Parent Action Team identify areas of need; for example, one walking school bus took a longer route along the new sidewalk next to Highway 95 because the neighborhood route along North Polk extension currently lacks sidewalks, traffic lights and cross walks.  Once improvements are made, parents and children will feel more comfortable and safe walking along side busy commuter streets to get to and from school.

A huge thank you to Ms Mueller and Russell student council for getting the word out to the student body and creating school spirit and pride!

77 students received Cliff Bars from the front of the school Cliff Bar station.

Russell’s 3 walking buses started from the following locations:

  • East City Park
  • Friendship Square Fountain
  • N Polk Extention/Quail

Here is the link to the maps we made for Russell: http://maps.walkbiketoschool.org/#share/MjM5/22717


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