Winter Walking and Bik

5 tips for Winter Walking and Biking… (as posted in the Moscow School District Newsletter)

  1. Stay visible. Cars can’t see as well in the dark. Make yourself more visible by using reflective clothing when you’re walking, and headlights and taillights when you’re biking. Legally, cyclists need white front headlights and red rear reflectors after dusk.
  2. Walk defensively around cars. Always be prepared for cars to slip on ice. Wait until the car has stopped and you can see the driver’s eyes before you cross in-front of a car in the winter.
  3. Travel slowly when you see ice and snow. Take turns and curves at a slower speed, and allow longer distances for braking. Be sure to plan ahead for extra travel time.
  4. Cover your extremities. That means your head, neck, hands, and feet. The better you are dressed for the weather, the longer you can stay and play in it!
  5. Dress in layers. Dress in layers on your torso and legs, and be prepared to strip them away as your body warms up from walking, biking and playing in the wonderful winter weather.