Bike Safety

Adjust your bicycle for YOU

  • Have 1 to 2 in. between you and the top bar for a road bike and 3 to 4 in. for a mountain bike.
  • The seat should be level front to back.
  • Seat height should allow a slight bend at the knee when leg is fully extended.

Bike Safety Countdown

12.  Helmets are a must! Keep your child smart, protect their brains

11.  Check your bike’s ABCs before each ride  (Air, Brakes, & Chain)

10.  Be seen! Wear bright clothing

9.  Be heard! Use bell or voice

8.  Use hand signals & look before turning and changing lanes

7.  Stop at red lights and stop signs, use crosswalks and let pedestrians cross first

6.  Ride in the direction of car traffic

5.  Ride with an adult until you have safe bike skills

4.  Kids under 10, ride on sidewalk and walk bikes across intersections

3.  No headphones & no texting while riding 🙂

2.   Lock up at bike racks

1.  Enjoy the ride!