Bike Book Library

Safe Routes to School Moscow has a mini Bike Book Library! The books listed below are available for any schools to use and return to SR2S.

Here are the books we have in the mini library….

SR2S Bike Book List

Because I Could Not Stop My Bike

Me and My Bike

Made in the USA – Bikes

Bikes on the Move

Newton and Me

Mike and the Bike

Tillie the Terrible Swede

The Best Bike Ride Ever

The Cycling Bible

Froggy Rides a Bike

Flicka Ricka Dicka Go to the Market

Everyday Bicycling

The Boy Who Biked the World

Bike Snob

Great Bicycle Race Mystery

Kids Easy Bike Care


New Red Bike

Wheels of Change

His Finest Hour

Marta and the Bicycle

Bear’s Bicycle

Bicycle Book

Mike & the Bike Meet Lucille the Wheel

Sally Jean the Bicycle Queen

Gracie Goat’s Big Bike Race

Hey Mom Can I Ride My Bike Across America

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