Polar Walk 2016 @ St. Mary’s School

Summary written by Parent Leader Stacey Thornycroft…
“Thank you for making the Polar Walk a part of our community SR2S.
The 2016 Polar Walk was well attended & enjoyed by the students & parents of St. Mary’s School.  By count from entrants in our drawing and hot chocolate cups 65 students participated and at least 10 parents.
The hot chocolate was plentiful, and as always, was such a hit that I doubt anyone really missed receiving stickers or reflectors.
When the students arrived at school they were treated to hot chocolate and then they were kept busy by having them enter their names in a drawing for the Large stuffed Polar bear, search for the smaller polar bear that was hidden in the play yard, and participate in the Polar Walk activities.
The UI Athletes manned these activity stations and marked off student’s “stamp” cards (that SR2S created for us) as they did such things as jumping jacks, bear crawl, toe touches, and running to the fence and back. Some kids even had their punch cards completed three times over!
Here is our lucky “finder” of the hidden polar bear.  It was his birthday the day before!
A student doing the Bear Crawl for a UI Volleyball player volunteer.

The line for hot chocolate being handed out by UI SR2S Practicum volunteer Elsa Krier

Having fun!!
Fourth graders enjoying their hot chocolate.
Father and son warming up after the walk in.
This guy was REALLY hoping to win the Polar Bear, but the lucky winner was Kaleigha.  (Sorry, I did not get her photo with the bear)
Our lovely U of I volunteers, Elsa Krier (SR2S Practicum), Paige Rupiper, Becca Mau, and Sarah Sharp (from the volleyball team). They were all very helpful, playful, and sweet with the children. They even came in for a few minutes once school started to help out with clean-up and the drawing for the stuffed Polar Bear.”
Thanks again – Stacey

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