Polar Walk 2016 coming up!

Excitement is in the chilly air this year as students and volunteers get ready for the Polar Walk coming up on Feb. 3rd.

Capture of Poster - Polar Walk 2016

Poster design by Cody Muir (U of Idaho Graphics Design student)

Poster and Writing Challenge: Going off the cool story-book style design of the poster Cody Muir designed for us, we are asking for students to write a story or a poem about their walk to school. It can be fictional (about the characters in this poster) or real about a student’s walk to school. For more information about the Polar Walk Writing Challenge click here. All submissions will be picked up by SR2S at your school’s office on on Feb. 16th 2016 and will hopefully be displayed at this year’s National Safe Routes to School conference.

Safety Reminder: We’d like to remind all parents and teachers to review safety rules of the road (and sidewalks – including a reminder to watch for cars backing up from driveways) before the event day. Make sure children dress up with hats, gloves and warm jackets for the weather, and use reflective clothing whenever possible. Cars take longer to stop on the ice and students are not easily seen in early morning light.

Walking School Buses (WSB) are a great way for kids to walk with adult supervision for added safety. To learn more about WSBS click here What is a WSB?  and read this WSB Guide . You can also contact Brooke Lowry if you’d like a WSB kit, complete with visibility vests and signs.

Participants who walk, bike or sled will receive hot chocolate and reflectors when they arrive at school. The reflectors are meant to go on student’s backpacks or jackets to help them “Be Seen and Be Safe.” Bussed students can also earn hot chocolate and a reflector by doing some exercise (eg. build a snowman, run in a relay, play an active game with UI volunteers) before the bell rings. Parents and volunteers who walk are welcome to get a cup of hot chocolate when they get to school as well!



Stuffed bears like these will be hidden for students to find on each school’s property, so keep your eyes peeled! 2 per school, cannot be hidden off school property (Superintendent Greg Bailey’s special request)

Safe Routes to School encourages active travel to school in efforts to increase physical activity in children, lower emissions, increase community interaction around the schools and increase student feelings of well-being. Students who walk and bike to school score higher in tests, studies show.

For the Polar Walk this year, SR2S Moscow will be providing hot chocolate, the cups, the reflectors, and the stuffed polar bears for the Polar Walk this year.  SR2S is also coordinating volunteers to help at each school from the University of Idaho (UI athletes and Movement Sciences students) and Moscow community members such as the Lion’s Club, Moscow Pathways Commission members and parents leaders.

Thank you ahead of time to all who are helping with this Polar Walk this year!


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