International Walk to School Day 2015 this Wednesday

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Our “International Walk to School Day” banner is hanging over Main St., the posters are on school doors, parent PTO/PTA groups, teachers and principals have been reminding kids and families during school and after school about this upcoming event.   Get ready to see massive numbers of kids and parents walking to school on Wednesday!

Thank you to all who have helped get the word out about this event. And thank you in advance to the many volunteers who will be out encouraging kids on Wednesday morning.

The goal of SR2S is to get kids walking and biking to school for many reasons….to increase physical activity, to increase oxygen to their brains before they start school, to decrease harmful emissions around the schools, to teach kids safe pedestrian and bike safety skills, to increase community awareness and feelings of well-being and -last but not least- to have fun! Kids love it when they”get” to walk or bike to school!

To get into the theme of “Walk with the World” we have globe erasers to give out to erasersparticipants this year. Participants need to either walk or bike or bus to school. If students bus, they can earn a globe eraser if they do some sort of physical activity before the bell.

We are providing flags for kids to play flagsgames inflatable world globeswith, and/or use while walking in Walking School Bus. SR2S is also providing a few globe blow up balls for kids to play games with.

Volunteers from the University of Idaho will be helping at each school. New this year, we are partnering with the International Students from the U of Idaho in order to Captureemphasis our theme of walking with the world, and to assist them in spreading the information about the great U of Idaho Friendship Families program. Find our more about this neat opportunity at UI Friendship Families

If you have any questions about our event coming up, please email Brooke Lowry at blowry<at>

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