Newbill Kid’s Safety Fair 2015

Tomorrow we (Safe Routes to School) will be at the Officer Newbill Kid’s Safety Fair bringing you the Bike Rodeo! We will have ramps, intersections and mini traffic signs for students to practice their bike skills in a safe environment.

Safety Fair

The bike rodeo requires at least 10 adults throughout the entire time (10am-2pm) so if you know of anyone who can volunteer, please invite them to do so at Here is the link to volunteer – Newbill Kid’s Safety Fair

We (SR2S Moscow*) will bring our 4 adjustable bike for kids to use but we hope kids will bring their own bikes to ride and also decorate with reflective stickers. Safe Routes to School will also be providing all reflective stickers for kids to decorate their bikes and helmets (just like past years).

Students under the age of 16 yrs. are eligible to receive a free bike helmet (courtesy of the Police Department). Over 600 helmets will be given away to kids from Moscow and the surrounding towns on the Palouse.

Free car seat checks are available too. Free car-seats are even available for those with outdated car-seats!

For more info about the annual Newbill Kid’s Safety Fair, go to

*Safe Routes to School (SR2S) Moscow is brought to you through the Movement Sciences Department at the University of Idaho, under the direction of Helen Brown. All Safe Routes to School events in Moscow are coordinated by Brooke Lowry. As of June 2015, our Safe Routes to School funding has dried up from ITD. If you know of addition funding sources to help us continue to serve the Moscow community, please contact Brooke Lowry.

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