Fill the Racks! 2015 coming up

Fill the Racks is coming is next week on Wednesday, May 6th 2015.

May 6th is National Bike to School Day but in Moscow we’ve named the annual event after our goal to “Fill the Racks!”  

Here is the poster that U of Idaho student Danielle Riddle created. She drew and then water-colored the bikes! Capture - Fill the Racks posterFill the Racks is always a hugely popular event in the 8 participating schools. It’s makes sense….why wouldn’t it be? Kids on bikes means more smiles, my oxygen in their brains, less car emissions in the air, and more calories burned. It’s all around good healthy fun!

For this year’s event, SR2S Moscow is encouraging students to decorate their bikes and/or helmets. Community volunteers have been organized through Sign-Up Genius ( and ( to help students at each school learn how to do the “A,B,C Bike Check” on their bikes (Air, Breaks, Chain) the morning of the event. For schools that are primarily bused, students will be able to participate in the event by doing physical activity at different stations as they learn more about biking and safety.

Parents and adults are reminded to walk or bike the route to school with their child before the event day. Since many bikes will be out on the roads, cars are asked to be extra aware of little cyclists, especially when backing out of their drive-ways. Children are reminded that they are the smallest on the road and therefore it’s their job to be the most careful and keep safe.

Here are some great resources for teaching kids how to bike safely

And here are all the great reasons why to walk and/or bike to school

Thank you to everyone who is working with SR2S Moscow to make this and every SR2S event happen. Without our community partners and volunteers, these events wouldn’t be what they are for the students.

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