Polar Walk 2015 @ Moscow Charter School

Kids at Moscow Charter School were excited to participate in the Polar Walk 2015, long before the day arrived. Was it the anticipation of finding a hidden bear, getting hot chocolate or just the joy of walking bike riding to school? Or for those who were drove, was it the fun polar animal passport activity to expend energy? Maybe it was all of the above. Thank you for the great support from parents, teachers, and the University of Idaho students. 111 students participated (so they raised $55.50 from SR2S) and added it to their personal donations to raise a total of $83.53 towards the adoption of a polar bear from Polar Bears International. Great results for a great event – I heard one youngster say he couldn’t wait for the walk to happen again next year! – Suzanne Seigneur (Parent Leader)

Suzanne brought in a “counting piggy bank” to collect personal pledges. Kids loved this and wanted to donate long after the event was done. As a result, MCS raised the most money of any school in personal donations….$28.03! Way to go! As a thank you for their donations, their school got all of this – see picture below- from Polar Bears International: a certificate of their symbolic adoption of a polar bear, a CD, poster, calender, info sheets, Tundra Times magazine, a book about polar Bears, a thank you letter and stickers for their students. Also a very cute a fuzzy stuffed polar bear!


Final results from Moscow Charter School:

School Name Student Participants Money donated by SR2S Money donated by students Total $ raised  PBI level of adoption Volunteer hours Total students in each school Percentage participated Walking School Buses
Moscow Charter 111 $55.50 $28.03! $83.53 Polar Bear 9 176 63% 1

104_1443 104_1445 104_1446 104_1447 104_1451 104_1453 104_1459 104_1463 104_1465 104_1467 104_1468 104_1471

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