Moscow Charter School is Walking and Rolling!!

Exciting news!…

In efforts to decrease emissions and increase physical activity at their school, Moscow Charter School has partnered with Safe Routes to School and Suzanne Seigneur (MCS Parent/ Mobility Manager, Comm. Trans. Assoc. of Idaho) to start an Alternative Transportation plan called “Walk and Roll to School.”Capture

We are piloting the program at their school in hopes that Safe Routes to School will take the program to other interested schools in Moscow next year. They kicked off the program during the Polar Walk in February and will continue to walk and roll until the end of May 2015.

Incentives for the students include: backpack tokens weekly for elementary students, and JAMMS frozen yogurt gift certificates for the Middle School Students, provided by Safe Routs to school. The school also looks forward to a tree planting event to celebrate at the end to celebrate how much CO2 was sequestered by the school all together.

A special thanks to Suzanne Siegneur for all her work and help to make this program and the tree planting happen at Moscow Charter School!

Here’s the link about the Walk and Roll program at Moscow Charter School on their school web-site.

Way to go Moscow Charter School!

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