Polar Walk 2015 @ Moscow Middle School

We had alot happening at the Middle School for Polar Walk this year!

15 students volunteers helped Brooke with different things around the school to prepare for the event. Thank you to Lori Lawton and New Lawton, both science teachers for helping me arrange the student volunteers.


4 students used the iPads SR2S bought for MMS, to count the numbers of walkers, bikers, cars and bus traffic around the school from 8:30-8:10am (see numbers below) 281 students were counted (that’s 54% of the school!)IMG_5808

One student used the GoPro camera that SR2S bought the school last year to videotape students as they were interviewed about their walk to school. The footage will be spliced down to create a video that will be sent to a 7th grade class in Oslo, Norway (we hope to post the video here when it is completed).

To read more and see more pictures click here…

Students who walked or biked put a “Polar Walk” sticker on a big poster that said “We Walked”

IMG_5822 IMG_5824 IMG_5833 IMG_5838 IMG_5842 IMG_5821
IMG_5847 IMG_5848 IMG_5849 IMG_5850  IMG_5854

Students who walked 10 times since iWalk (like they pledged) enter a drawing for one of the 3 polar bear hats SR2S donated. IMG_4286

A 10 gallon container of hot chocolate was consumed.

Safe Routes donated the hot chocolate and cups, 5 stuffed polar bears (including one huge one), 2 zipper pencil bags and 3 polar bear hats to the Moscow Middle School for this event (see picture of the hats below)IMG_5810

Student counts on iPads from the morning at the Middle School are below
Bike – 31 31
Walkers – 250 250
Bus – 179 179
Cars – 147 147
MMS Participant total 281

281 students/518 total students = 54% participation!

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