Polar Walk 2015 @ McDonald Elementary

IMG_0828The Polar Walk was fun at A.B. McDonald Elementary this year! 200 kids walked, biked or participated in some sort of physical activity before the bell.
The U of I volunteers played a lot of different games with the kids and helped make and serve hot chocolate. McDonald Elementary tried something a little different with the polar bears to give the kids who ride the bus a chance to get a polar bear; they put stickers on the bottom of the hot chocolate cups so after students did any sort of physical activity, they got a cup of hot chocolate, and the people who got a sticker on the bottom of their cup, won one of the 5 stuffed polar bears that SR2S gave to McDonald for the event. Winners kept the polar bears.

Here are the numbers collected from McDonald and some fun pictures:

Students Participated: 200

Money pledged to Polar Bears International from SR2S: $100

Money raised by students for PBI: $0

Total $ donated to PBI: $100 (level earned = Mom and her cub adoption)

Adult Volunteers: 11

School percentage participation for Polar Walk 2015: 60%  (200/332)

Walking School Buses: 1

IMG_0797 IMG_0796 IMG_0819 IMG_0814 IMG_0805 IMG_0823

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