Thank you to Polar Bears International!

For the Polar Walk this year, we literally “walked for the polar bears” as we worked with Polar Bears International (PBI) to raise money for real polar bears as kids walked.

It turned out to be a really great motivator for the students. They loved the idea of helping polar bears through their efforts. Some even got into matching the $0.50 donation per student that SR2S gave, with their own $0.50.

The total amount raised for the polar bears was $489.03 and that translated to 9 polar bears (symbolic adoption).

In response to the donations, through PBI’s adoption site each school received an adoption kit that reflected the amount of walkers they had on the morning of Polar Walk and the money students individually donated.

Below is the picture of all the items one of our Moscow schools received in their “adoption” box from Polar Bears International.

Thank you to Kelsey at PBI for working with us on this!


Box contents included:

  • An adoption certificate (with a space for each school to write in a bear name of their choice 🙂
  • Bear info sheets, a CD, a magazine, a cute polar bear calender, posters and stickers.
  • Each package also included a very cute stuffed polar bear.

Each of our elementary schools received one of these boxes from Polar Bears International.

  1. Moscow Charter School
  2. Lena Whitmore Elementary
  3. West Park Elementary
  4. Palouse Prairie School of Expeditionary Learning
  5. A.B. McDonald Elementary
  6. St. Mary’s School

Thank you Polar Bears International!

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