The Polar Walk is coming up! – Feb. 4th 2015

Capture Poster Polar Walk 2015Bundle up and get ready to walk to school on Wednesday, Feb. 4th because this year – for the first time ever- students who walk will be contributing to their school’s ability to adopt a polar bear! This year, instead of incentives that get thrown in the land-fill, for every student that walks to school on Feb. 4th, Safe Routes to School Moscow will donate $0.50 to Polar Bears International. That means if 100 kids walk, the students will adopt a Polar Bear Cub for $50. Capture Here are the different levels and options (all come with an adoption certificate and prizes)….

  1. For $50 you can adopt a polar bear cub –
  2. For $75 you can adopt a polar bear –
  3. For $100 students can adopt a polar bear mom and her cub! –

Capture - Mom and baby So get ready to leave your cars in the drive-way, bundle up and walk for the Polar Bears! All kids and parents who walk, bike, bus or carpool to school will get a cup of warm cocoa when they get there. Note: Safe Routes to School encourages kids to walk, bike or bus to school for two reasons. 1) to lower emissions around schools 2) to get kids moving. So since bused students are “carpooling” already, IF they also do something physical before the bell, SR2S will contribute a donation on their behalf to Polar Bear International on Feb. 4th. To learn more about Polar Bears, go to

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