Summary of Fill the Racks! 2014

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›Another successful city wide bike event in Moscow…. Lots of kids and parents biking together, getting exercise before school, lessening congestion, joining together as a community, and lots of happy smiling kids on bikes!

Our 8 participating Moscow schools overflowed each of their bike racks with 399 bikes and scooters in racks counted on event day! That’s 250 more bikes than were counted in bike racks two weeks prior to Fill the Racks! Students also walked  or biked so over 1,200 students and parents participated again this year.

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Capture of 2014 poster


›New this year…. SR2S Coordinated volunteer bike mechanics to offer Free Bike Tune-ups at each of our schools! This means that 12 bike mechanics volunteered over 40 hours before Fill the Racks event day, over 150 bikes had been tuned for free for Moscow families.

A special THANK YOU to all the participating local bike mechanics who donated their time and resources :

  • TJay, Andrew McGeachin, Val Carter – Paradise Creek Bikes (bike store)
  • Jen, Tammi,                 and Chung – Palouse Bike collective
  • Collin – Rolling Hills Bike Store
  • David – Acrosstown Traffic (Bicycle Deliver service)
  • Ralph Coolee- restores vintage bikes
  • Isaac Julye – bike mechanic and community enthusiast
  • Tim Gregory – previous bike mechanic, now art teacher at Moscow Charter School





Day of the Event highlights at the 7 participating Elementary Schools:

  • 399 bikes and scooters counted in bike racks
  • 31 green bike helmets were given by Safe Routes to School to students in need
  • ›30 parent and community adult volunteers
  • Reflective bike and helmet stickers were given to participants to decorate their helmets and bikes

High-lights at Moscow Middle School: 

  • 15 Environmental Action Club students helped  the morning of the event
  • Prior to event, SR2S coordinated an “Up-Cycled Bike Art” project with MMS Art Teacher Shanti Norman, and Palouse Bicycle Collective using recycled bike parts provided by Palouse Bicycle Collective
  • Up-Cycled Bike Art was exhibited in front of the school for Fill the Racks, and then transported by SR2S to the Palouse Bicycle Collective where it will be displayed for the summer
  • Each grade decorated a bike helmet while waiting for the bell with reflective bike stickers to raffle off at next school dance

Fill the Racks in the news: 

Fill the Racks 2014 (1) Fill the Racks 2014 (2)›


Thank you again to all who helped make this event a success this year! We made alot of kids happy since kids on bikes are happy kids!

– Brooke Lowry (Safe Routes to School Coordinator)

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