Volunteer Instructions for the Polar Walk 2014

Thank you to all the U of Idaho student volunteers who are helping to make the Polar Walk at success at each of the 8 participating schools this year.

Student volunteer instructions:

  1. Please dress warmly since you’ll be outside the whole time (wear a fun hat if you one!)
  2. Arrive at the school you’ve been designated to at 7:45am and sign in at the front office.
  3. Find the Parent Leader at that school and figure out where you are needed.
  4. Depending on what the parent leaders at that school need please be willing to help with any of the following:
  • help serve out hot chocolate
  • organize an active game to keep the kids having fun and warm before the bell rings
  • take videos of photos of participating students and teachers with the school camera
  • help kids cross the street and/or hold encouragement signs

The school might need you to help clean up the cups and hot chocolate after the bell rings so please help where needed.

Also please remember you are representing the University of Idaho so please act appropriately, responsibility and interact with the kids. They are looking forward to your visit at their school. No standing around texting PLEASE!

In order to get full credit for your University class, please plan accordingly so you start signing into the front office at 7:45am, and stay until at least 8:30am.

Here is a map with all the schools on it so you can find the school you’ve been assigned to… https://sr2smoscow.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/charterschools.pdf

Thank you again, feel free to contact me with any further questions.

Capture - poster for Polar Walk 2014

Brooke Lowry (SR2S Coordinator)

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