iWalk 2013 – 8 Moscow schools walked with the world

Capture- iWalk poster 2013The morning turned out to be unusually foggy this year but the kids did it! Moscow contributed over 1,500 walkers to the world total as kids and adults walked together for International Walk to School Day.IMG_7111

We feel it was a success on all fronts! We Encouraged, Educated, Evaluated and we encouraged police to Enforce. No accidents and lots of fun! 8 schools participated, with a total student participation of 1,218 students, 65 U of I volunteers and 276 parent/chaperones walking, biking and skating to school! That’s over 1,500 people walking and biking in one morning!!!

Here are the numbers from each participating school:
  • McDonald – 84% of the school’s students participated (304 students walked, 89 parents/chaperons walked)
  • Lena Whitmore – 68% (175 students, 42 parents/chaperons)
  • Palouse Prairie – 55% (90 students, 45 parents/chaperons)
  • St. Mary’s – 55% (their first event!, 82 students, 20 parents/chaperons)
  • Moscow Charter School – 52% (75 students, 28 parents/chaperons)
  • Moscow Middle School – 42% (250 students, 3 parents/chaperons)
  • West Park – 84% (145 students ran around their school to get exercise after their bus ride, 25 parents/chaperons walked with kids that did walk from home)
  • Russell – 67% (97 students walked or biked or ran around their school to get exercise after their bus ride, 24 parents/chaperons walked with students that walked)
Crunching the numbers all together:
  • 1,218 students participated, 65 U of I athletes and students volunteered, 276 parent/chaperones walked with their kids. So over 1,500 people actively participated in iWalk this year!
  • If we average that every participating student and adult walked an average of 1/2 a mile, that would be 747 miles cumulatively.
  • And if they walked at a moderate pace, our 8 schools collectively burned over  16,356  calories!
  • That is over 40,338 gallons of CO2 saved!! That is not only better for the environment, we also created much less pollutants in the air around the schools (that kids breath).
Here are some fun pictures from the morning:

Students & volunteers did sidewalk art about active travel and why they love it
Img_0128-1Students made banners to hold as they walked to school to encourage others to join them 
IMG_3959Walking School Bus groups wore fun hats together
Over 1,300 students received backpack tokens and other prizes from Safe Routes to School


276 Parents and adult chaperones walked and biked with their kids for iWalk!
3-5 Walking School Buses walked to each school
IMG_7101Middle School students discussed Why Walking Matters in the World and had fun walking and biking with their friends



Students dressed up with International theme clothing, fun hats and wigs


Since D st. is one of our busiest and dangerous locations before and after school
Middle School students held signs on D St. to slow and remind cars of the event


Over 65  UI athletes and UI students, and 20 parent volunteers made this event happen and fun at all of the 8 participating schools.

Thank you to all the volunteers!

Special thanks to Mayor Nancy Chaney and Tim Brown from City Council, and MSD Mr. Bailey and Brooke - iWalk 2013Superintendent Greg Bailey for being a part of our event!

Nancy Chaney - iwalk 2013

Mayor Chaney with a couple Walking School Buses at the corner of D St. and Mountainview Rd.

Capture - Lewiston Tribune Capture - Daily News, iWalk 2013

iWalk was featured in 3 local newspapers

Thanks for walking and participating in iWalk this year everyone!

One thought on “iWalk 2013 – 8 Moscow schools walked with the world

  1. Moscow is fortunate for the Safe Routes to School partnerships among local government (for the infrastructure pieces), the University of Idaho (for the outreach and education pieces), and Moscow School District (for mobilization of volunteers). Our model of success was well-received at the National League of Cities Congress of Cities (with 3,300 attendees) in Seattle Nov 13-16. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Idaho Department of Health and Welfare are paying attention to what we are doing, and holding Moscow up as a positive example. Let’s keep up the terrific work! Nancy Chaney, Mayor.

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