Your first bike Story

A summer activity idea for parents and kids to do together… (if you send PeopleForBikes your story, please send it our way as well so we can post some local stories on our web-site!)

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If you ride, you have had a first bike. Maybe that first bike is still your bike today. Or, perhaps, many two-wheeled companions have rolled through your life since.
To celebrate the start of summer—the time when so many kids are getting on their bikes for the very first time—we want to know:
You might remember your first bike well. It was a gift that marked the first days of summer, glistening new red paint sparkling in the hot sun. Or, maybe it was a well-worn, well-loved hand-me-down from a neighbor or older sibling. On it, you felt real freedom for the first time, flying solo down the road. Exhilarating independence, all through a simple machine.
Maybe you don’t remember your very first bike (it was so long ago), but there’s another bike that led you to fall deeply in love with bicycling. The one that took you to work for the first time. Perhaps it took you on your first singletrack excursion. Maybe it even took you across the country. This is the bike that changed your life.
Share your first bike story here:
Happy riding,
The PeopleForBikes team

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