Walking School Bus Photo Challenge – WINNERS!

Thank you to all who participated in our Walking School Bus (WSB) Photo Challenge

Safe Routes received 8 photos of Walking School Buses (WSB) for the WSB Photo ChallengeFor more details on the WSB Challenge, see    https://sr2smoscow.com/2012/09/26/walking-school-bus-photo-challenge/

For this Challenge, Safe Routes promised to randomly select a winning group from the photos received and award the winning group the Green Shoe Award for their school and individual prizes to the walkers in the winning WSB. To find our winning group, we asked Professor Mike Lowry to randomly select a number and applied that to the pictures.

A Walking School Bus is a group of kids that walk with 1-2 adults along a specific route to school.

Here is the picture of the Green Shoe in all it’s glory!

green shoe award

And the winners of the GREEN SHOE AWARD goes to…………………….
(drum roll please)…………………………………………………………………..
WSB “Team Water Fountain” from RUSSELL!

Their group started out at the Fountain on Main St. and gained numbers as they walked to their school.

There were a total of 19 WSBs for International Walk to School day on Oct. 3rd 2012 which we were very happy with since it was a new idea city wide. WAY TO GO MOSCOW FAMILIES!!! Thank you for your participation!
Here’s the summary of the WSB Photo Challenge and photos received:
  • Russell Elementary – 3 WSB (2 photos received)
  • West Park Elementary – 4 WSB  (4 photos received)
  • Moscow Charter School – 2 WSBs (2 WSB photos received)
  • Palouse Prairie School – 4 Walking School Buses ( no photos received)
  • A.B. McDonald – 3 Walking School Buses (no photos received)
  • Lena Whitmore – 3 Walking School Buses (no photos received)
A Total of 19 Walking School Buses walked for iWalk! Here’s how we encouraged them to get together and walk:

We first asked for 2-4 parent volunteers from each school.

We then delivered 17 Walking School Bus toolkit bags to the WSB leaders.

Here’s what each leaders received in in the bag….(picture below)










We also created maps for each school to see their options. Maps included: start locations, routes and times at each locations. For example, here is the map we made for Russell http://maps.walkbiketoschool.org/#share/MjM5/22717

Here are all the pictures we received for the Walking School Bus Photos Challenge.
Again 8 pictures out of the 19 WSBs in total!!! We feel like that’s a great response. Thank you to all who participated!
  • West Park Elementary (4 WSB photos received)


Russell Elementary (2 WSB photos received)

Moscow Charter School (2 WSB photos received)


Thanks for your participation everyone!!!

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