iWalk @ Lena Whitmore 2012

Lena Whitmore Elementary – Moscow, ID
The students of Lena Whitmore Elementary took part in the International Walk to School Day event on Oct. 3rd 2012. There were approximately 160 children who took part in the event, either walking or biking to school that morning. The day before, I went around the school and wrote reminders (“Tomorrow is Walk to School Day!”) on the sidewalks at all school entrances with sidewalk chalk so that parents and students would see them on their way home. The morning of the event we set up a table in front of the school where Clif bars were distributed to participants. We hung the large banner as well as a number of posters created by students the day before at an after-school program. The morning of the event, I had 4 University of Idaho students and another person help with the distribution of stickers and bars. More students received reflective stickers and Clif bars. We in conjunction with the principal of the school decided that it would be best to have only one location where the bars were distributed. If students who walked/biked weren’t early to school, they may not have had time to go around to the front of the school to pick up their bars. I would say that we distributed probably about 120 bars and fruit snacks to students. It was hard to get an exact count of students who received stickers as the Univ. of Idaho students were spread at different locations around the school and were mostly on their own at each post. All students and parents seemed very enthusiastic even though the weather was quite cold that day.
– – Sue Weaver (Lena PTA Leader)

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