iWalk 2012 @ Moscow Charter School

Moscow Charter School had a great turnout for International Walk to School Day.  We had great help from 4 volunteers from the Uof I.  One stood on the corner where people turn into the school, and one was a crossing guard on Mt. View Road.  The other two helpers helped pass out Clif bars, took pictures, and helped kids sign the awesome banner we were given by Clif.  The Parent Leader took pictures and informed people about Walking School Buses. We only had a few Walking School Buses, since most parents drive and drop off their kids.  I think it was still a success.
In the future we would like to see a Walking program that lasts a whole month rather than just one morning. We feel that would help change walking habits more effectively than putting all the effort into a one day event.
Hannah and Aaron Johnson, Parent Leaders at MCS

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