Progress report about walkability and bikability plans for Moscow — from Jen Pfiffner

For parents who might be interested to know what the city is working towards to make Moscow more walk and bike friendly, here is a forwarded email from Jen Pfiffner at City Hall….

From: Jen Pfiffner

With summer nearly behind us, I’d like to share an update on the work of the Active Living Task Force.

The Task Force wrapped up its work in May of 2012, marking the completion of the three tasks the group set out to complete including a staff education report, a bicycle and pedestrian count known as iCount, and a community engagement process known as the Neighborhood Greenway Assessment.

The ALTF’s primary recommendation was to continue the iCount event on an annual basis. The City of Moscow was happy to host the 2nd annual iCount on September 13, 2012. Additionally, the ALTF recommended a pilot project Neighborhood Greenway be installed. After presenting the Greenway report and concept to the Paradise Path Task Force and the Sustainable Environment Commission, who both were supportive of the concept, the report was presented to the Transportation Commission.

As you may or may not have known, the Transportation Commission was simultaneously working on a bike route network for the City of Moscow. The Commission received the Neighborhood Greenway report favorably and has taken it into consideration in their research and recommendations on the development of a larger bicycle and pedestrian system in Moscow. While this means there may not be a pilot project installed this fall, the project will continue and may result in a larger system of biking and walking routes within Moscow, which is very exciting.

In other exciting news, the Active Living Task Force was honored with two awards in the past several months. The Association of Idaho Cities gave the project a Resilient City Award and Idaho Smart Growth recently chose us as a 2012 Grow Smart Award winner. Without everyone’s help and enthusiasm this project and these awards wouldn’t have been possible.

Thank you!


Jen Pfiffner

Assistant to the City Supervisor

City of Moscow

PO Box 9203 | 206 E Third Street

Moscow, ID 83843

p | 208.883.7123

f | 208.883.7018

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