Walking School Bus Photo Challenge

Walking School Bus Photos Challenge: 

Take a fun picture of your Walking School Bus group either on route or once you arrive at school, and submit it to your school’s office, or directly to our web-site  www.SR2Smoscow.com. Please include a group name with your picture. All groups will be entered into a drawing and will be eligible to win a grand prize for their group and their school! The winning group will be selected on November 2nd to give people a chance to keep their Walking School Buses going — for more chances to win — beyond October 3rd (iWalk).
For more information about Walking School Buses and how to start one, please search Walking School Buses on our web-site or contact Brooke Lowry. Safety guides, reflective vests, and “WSB bus stop” signs are avilaibe to the first 15 parent leaders that contact Brooke before Oct. 3rd.
For more information about what a Walking School Bus is, go to https://sr2smoscow.com/2012/01/15/what-is-a-walking-school-bus/
Brooke’s email is

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