Bike Trains!

Bike Trains are a fun way for parents and kids to bike to school and practice safe bike skills together along the way!

A bike train usually has 2-3 parents (a parent at each end and one in the middle if it’s long) and has designated locations where they stop to pick up participants along the way.

Make your bike train fun by creating a theme, wear matching clothing, stopping at a point out interest along the way… or just keep it simple and bike with your family.

The key is to be safe and have fun!

On May 2nd for Fill the Racks many groups will be creating bike trains and biking together to their school.

Find a bike train going to your school below…or start one yourself!

West Park Elementary

Bike Train from Carmichael Rd. along Paradise Path
Tjay (who is a father of a student at West Park and owner of Paradise Creek Bicycles) is willing to lead a bike train on his Penny Farthing bike! 
He needs other parents to be part of the bike train since he’ll be too high on his bike to help kids on theirs, but it will be fun to have such a fun bike lead the bike train and have others join them along the way! This Bike Train will go right by UI Student Housing so anyone that might want to join them at the UI water-fountain/sign on the corner of 95/main st. and Sweet Avenue is welcome to do so!

This route is pretty amazing because it is completely on the bike trail so it is safer than the road, and he says his young daughter has no problem doing the 2 miles ride!

They will start at the parking lot where Carmichel Road and the Latah Trail intersect (the first road to the right, just past the semetary off hwy. 8) at 7:30
Start: Carmichael Rd. / Latah Trail Parking lot – 7:30am
Stop #1: Old Tidyman’s Parking lot – 7:45am
Stop #2: Berman’s Creekside Park – 8:00am
Stop #3: UI Water-fountain/sign – 8:10am
Arrive: at school by the bell 8:25am
Russell Elementary

4 Bike Trains will be heading to Russel Elementary at 7:50 from the locations listed below. Eric Hudelson is the contact person for the bike trains to Russell  (208) 882-2715:
  • corner of Rodeo Dr. and E. Polk Extension (by the PCEI driveway),
  • in front of Safeway,
  • Corner of Almon St. and W. E St. (behind Rosauers)
  • PCRHS (alternative high school) parking lot (across from A &W)
McDonald Elementary
  • Our supervised Walking-Riding School Bus will be leaving the corner of Mountain View and Rolling Hills Dr. at 8:05am, so if you want to drop kids off with bikes by 8am they can ride together with our volunteers to school.
Lena Whitmore
  •  Starting at Orchard and Virginia, two families will be biking their usual route on North Grant to the school

Moscow Charter School

  • Mountain View Park (meet at 7:50, leave at 8:00) park in the parking lot, bike along the bike path to F St. then on the road to Moscow Charter
  • E St and Moore at top of hill (leave at 7:55), bike along E St. to the Jr. High, then continue along F St. past the Aquatics Center to Moscow Charter

**If you would like to list your school’s bike train on this post for others to join you, please email the details of your Bike Train to

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