Russell Polar Walk

A lead Russell parent volunteer said about the pictures below…”These pictures don’t capture the crowds at the height of hot cocoa mania but there are several nice pictures that showcase the UI students giving out pencils and happy polar bears with their cocoa!”

And here is the summary of the morning’s events at Russell:

        J. Russell Elementary Polar Bear Walk

        February 8, 2012

Students were greeted early Wednesday morning by smiling University of Idaho recreation students as they arrived at J. Russell Elementary School.  Students were excited to locate the two shy polar bears hidden on campus as well as enjoy a delicious cup of hot cocoa.

As more and more students arrived, we had a virtual walk-a-thon going around the school-yard in order for students to make it past the University of Idaho students handing out polar pencils to get to the very long hot chocolate line.  We estimated that 101 cups of cocoa were served that morning between 7:45 and 8:30 AM!

Next year, all students who participate, will be treated to marsh-mellows to enjoy with their hot chocolate and we will also plan to see which Russell student group would like to take charge of writing messages on the school’s sidewalks sure to tickle your toes.

Thank you to SR2S for sponsoring 2012 Polar Bear Walk!

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