Polar Walk Summary (Jr. High and McDonald)

I’m still waiting to receive photos from some schools but until then, here’s a quicky summary of our Polar Walk in Moscow 2012!

We had 7 schools participating this year and again record participation at each school so congratulations to everyone involved!!!

Participating elementary schools included: Lena Whitmore, West Park, A.B. McDonald, Russell, Palouse Prairie Charter, Moscow Charter.

Moscow Jr. High also had their best ever Polar Walk because of 14 students who volunteered from the Environmental Action Club at the Jr. High!

We were also lucky to have 4-8  U of I volunteers at each school helping serve hot chocolate.

SR2S Moscow gave all schools hot chocolate, stickers like the one below and stuffed polar bears to either hide around their school on the morning of the Polar Walk. Finding the stuffed polar bears was a HUGE hit again this year and encouraged more kids to walk in the morning.

These were the stickers we had made for each elementary student who participated by either walking, biking, sledding or bussing to school on Feb. 7th. Students who were driven also had the option of ‘earning’ their sticker and hot chocolate by running a few times around the field.

These are the links for our posters this year. Thank you to local artist Jan Perley who allowed us to use her painting of the polar bear called “On top of the World”

Polar Walk 2012_Elementary (1)          Polar Walk 2012_Jr. High

The Polar Walk at the Jr. High….

We had participating students (aka walkers, bikers and bussers) fill out their names on a raffle ticket to get a chance to win a prize at the next school dance.

 We served hot chocolate to all the students who…well, you can read the sign 🙂

We asked Jr. High volunteers to write out messages we had printed out on sheets the night before. Here are some of our favorites!

A special thanks to the UI “volleyball girls” who helped make the signs the night before:) and to Margret Dibble who came to our event (by bike of course!) and stood on the corner of Mountainview and D St. to encourage kids along their way.

The Polar Walk at A.B McDonald Elementary this year…

McDonald Elementary had awesome and enthusiastic participation by parents, students and school staff! Thank you for your work as crossing guard each morning Karen! 

One mother wrote  “I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for having the Walking School Bus this morning!  It was a great service to the parents who couldn’t walk with their kids (mine is too young to walk by himself) to school plus it gave the kids a chance to walk with their friends!  I really appreciated it!!”

This is a great example a Walking School Bus…lots of kids got to walk to McDonald Elementary because 2 parents were available to supervise their  safety from their homes to school doors. Awesome!

Thank you to Stacey Trivalpiece for all she did and has done to make the Safe Routes to School program a success at McDonald Elementary!

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