Bike equipment for kids

Today a friend told me that her daughters bike was stolen from her elementary school here in Moscow. Such a sad story đŸ˜¦ She said her daughter had saved up all year for that bike, got it from Paradise Creek bikes and loved riding it to school.

It reminded us how even in Moscow Idaho where we feel it is safe, we should be sure to use heavy duty locks and encourage kids to lock up their bikes every day when they ride to school.

Locks that don’t require keys are great for kids like this one

Another good thing to think about when sending your kids on their bike (or walking) is to dress them with reflective gear. Here is an example of a jacket that has the reflective strip built onto the jacket (so unlike a reflective vest or arm-band it won’t get taken off and lost!:)

**The products featured above are just example products, we are not endorsing these products specifically.**

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