Ideas for the Polar Walk this year!

  • The Polar bear is the theme for this year’s Polar Walk!     Thank you to local Moscow artist Jan Perley for the use of her painting in our posters this year!
  • Create a Walking School Bus to enter into the Walking School Bus Challenge (see this link for more details….                                                                                          
  • Create a theme for your Walking School Bus (school colors, special hats, polar bears etc.)                                                                  
  • Does anyone in your school have a polar bear costume or hat?                Wear it on Feb. 8th!   
  • If there’s SNOW let the fun begin!….
  • build a bear sculpture like this one!    
  • or of course a normal snow man like this
  • Take your sled to school!                        
  • Make a snow angels                                               
  •  or play an “Arctic Game”

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