What is a “Walking School Bus”?

Walking School Buses (WSB) are a safe and fun way for kids to walk together to school with adult supervision!

The idea is to create a “route” that your WSB reliably walks each time. This way other kids can wait at any of the designated “bus stops” (can be a person’s house) for the bus to come and “jump on” when it does!

Walking School Buses are a great way to get more kids walking safely to school!  When kids are active before school they are calmer in the class-room and are able to think more clearly when they get there! More kids walking also means less cars around our schools in the mornings (less emissions and less chance of accidents).

We are looking for active parents who are willing to coordinate Walking School Buses in their neighbourhood and make it a regular event. Whether it’s once a month or once a week (or more!) it is up to the parents to coordinate the WSB to their school as it fits their schedules.

Please work with your Parent Volunteer leader at your school to make your WSB known to the rest of the school.

And see the National Safe Routes web-site for more safety information bout starting a WSB  http://guide.saferoutesinfo.org/walking_school_bus/index.cfm

For Safe Routes events such as the Polar Walk coming up on Feb. 8th, your could make a theme for your WSB. Hats, school colors, whatever works for your group.

Safe Routes will provide each Walking School Bus leader with WSB training, lamintated “bus stop” signs (like the one below), bright vests, and a Walking School Bus vest!

Please contact Brooke at blowry[at]uidaho.edu if your are interested in starting a Walking School Bus at your school today!

Thank you and Happy Walking! 

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