Walking School Bus Challenge

For the Polar Walk this year we challenge each school to get as many students walking in their Walking School Buses as possible!

Walking School Buses are a safe way for kids to walk to school with a parent on each end of the “school bus.”  WSBs also provide a way to educate kids about safe walking practices!

The organizers of each school bus can have a theme like a “bus color”, animal theme or funny hat THEME.

Please be sure to do a final COUNT of participants and send it and a CREATIVE PICTURE of your Walking School Bus to Brooke Lowry to post on this web-site.

Winners will be based on shear numbers and/or % of your school that participates.

The winning school will receive a copy of Artist Jan Perley’s  “On Top of the World” polar bear (the image on our posters!) To see it, go to http://fineartamerica.com/featured/at-the-top-of-the-world-jan-fontecchio-perley.html
p.s. If your school would like to use some WSB signs (like the one above) and/or vests from Safe Routes, please contact Brooke Lowry and she will get those to you!

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