Vote at the Latah County Fairgrounds on November 8th

Reminder to get out and vote for the levy!
This vote goes to the public every 5-7 years to secure more funding for our schools and tomorrow’s the day for our town to decide!

The levy is deciding whether people want to increase taxes in order to secure our kids education.
The average homeowner now pays about $792 per year in homeowner’s taxes and the increase will be approximately $200 per year, or an increase of about $17 per month.

See the info packet for more details
Because of state tax cuts and cuts in funding out of the control of the district, Moscow School District’s current funding will completely dry up in 2 years…which means Moscow will no longer be a top achieving educational town for our children.

Here are some Q and A’s from the Info Packet that I thought tell the clear picture

Q. What will be eliminated if this levy does not pass?
A. If this levy does not pass, the fund balance for the 2012-13 school year will be depleted to a level requiring
that $1.3 million in expenditures be cut unless a subsequent levy increase proposal receives voter approval.
Reductions will likely include: administrative, certificated and classified positions which will result in larger
class sizes K-12, fewer student course choices K-12 including music, art, drama, foreign language, and
reductions in non-mandated programs such as business, vocational, technical, Gifted/Talented, athletics and
co-curricular (extracurricular) activities, and building and classroom budget reductions (supplies,
equipment, textbooks, field trips, maintenance, and technology).
Q. What has the district done to account for the $2.6 million revenue reductions in the past five years?
A. Seventeen Full Time Equivalent employees have been cut through attrition, all supply and discretionary
budgets have been cut by 23% or more, field trips have been reduced, furniture budgets eliminated in 2009,
2010, 2011, technology budgets have been reduced, capital projects have been deferred, and student activity
fees have increased.
Q. If the increase is approved in November, when will the additional levy be collected?
A. The first collection of a tax increase approved November 8, 2011 will be collected December, 2012.

Brooke LowryMoscow, Idaho
Safe Routes to School Coordinator

A lifetime of being active can begin on the way to school.

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