Quick summary of the iWalk at each school in Moscow!

  • Lena Whitmore – 1Walking School Bus, active travel art with chalk,
  • McDonald – Park and Walk  locations, over 50 kids participated in Walking School Buses!
  • West Park – Aerial school photo with Mr. Marinau taking it from the roof was a hit! Students enjoyed walking the track to win reflective lights since the majority of West Park buses to school.
  • Russell – 3 UI football players did a surprise visit! Running activities for incentives, sidewalk chalk
  • Jr. High – Raffels distributed by the Environemental Action Club and volunteers to all participants, prizes for the raffle will be given out at next school dance. Active Travel Message written on sidewalk on South side of Jr. High building.
  • St. Mary’s – 1st time participating!
  • Moscow Charter – relay races, sidewalk chalk
  • Palouse Prairie Charter – Walking School Buses, they loved the reflector lights!

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