iWalk @ West Park Elementary

Here’s the summary of how International Walk to School day went at West Park….

Since West Park is almost 100% bused, we didn’t expect many to walk, but they did!  Jenny at the front office estimated about 50 students and parents walked on Oct. 12th! That is about 100 x more than any event in the past!!! Way to go everyone!

Now we’d like to get a consistent walking group or “Walking School Bus” happening to the school (in addition to iWalk events) maybe one day a week, or month…Eg. “Walking Wednesdays” ?

West Park high-lights:

  • Jenny and Mr. Marinau worked with Brooke to organize an aerial photo of  “iWalk 2011”  taken  from the school roof
  • West Park kids went crazy for the incentives – large green reflective lights! They got off their buses and ran the field to “earn” their reflectors. Some got into the spirit of the event and ran the field multiple times, getting stamps up and down their arms!  Volunteers couldn’t stamp and/or run with the kids fast enough! 🙂
  • 5 UI student volunteers from PEB 350, Grace Goc Karp (UI Professor) helped again…thank you everyone!

Volunteer comments:

“I really liked that we had stamps to stamp on the kid’s hands for every lap they completed. The kids really got into it!”

“The staff was really involved, where their parent volunteers?”

“The kids were great and I enjoyed seeing their excited faces.”


Click on the pictures to enlarge….

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