iWalk @ Moscow Charter School

Here’s the summary of International Walk to School day at Moscow Charter School!

  • They had 70 kids sign Charlie’s paper saying they walked or biked (he missed a few too probably!)
  • One large Walking School bus walked up Mountain view past  Mayor Chaney on Mountain view and D St. She said it was great to see!
  • Only 3 kids got off the bus which surprised everyone waiting at the school!
  • 15 students from Moscow Junior High School got off at MCS and walked to school from there!
  • 4 parent volunteers and 3 college student volunteers (more than enough help!  Yeah.)

Comments from UI Volunteers:

  • “Sidwalk chalk was fun – students signed their names and drew pictures of footprints and bikes”
  • “Signs were bright and colorful”
  • Stickers and reflectors were great incentives, and the students really seemed to like them”
  • “Adult/parent leader was GREAT and so enthusiastic!”
  • “All interactions wer positives and fun!”
  • “Students at MCS were surprised to see only 3 people riding on the school bus”
  • “Organisation was excellent at MCS”
  • “Not many people parked in the parking lot which was good”

Here are some pictures!

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