iWalk @ McDonald Elementary

Here’s a summary of the International Walk to School day events at McDonald Elementary:
  •  Aleisa Barber from the Moscow School Board and Tim Brown from City Counsel helped encourage kids and hand-out incentives on the corner of Moser and the School property. Thank you for your invovlement!
  • Kids signed their names on the sidewalk in chalk if they walked or biked
  • They loved the reflectors
  • Over 50 kids and parents walked in multiple “Walking School Buses” to school for iWalk (see pictures below!)
  • Stacey Trivelpiece (PTO leader) organized walking school buses to converge at the “Caution Walking School Bus” signs that she attached to the side-walks along the way, Thanks Stacey!!!
  • Students who had completed “walking punch cards”  by iWalk received a helmet from SR2S and PTO if they didn’t have one
  • Helmet decorating will be available at a later date

Comments from UI volunteers:

  • “A lot of fun! the kids seemed to really enjoy seeing us there and getting the prizes/encouragment for walking to school”
  • “I think we should reward students AND parents for walking or riding because they took time to walk/ride with their kids to school vs. just taking the easy route and drive them.”
  • “It would be great if there were 2 hot cocoa stations because students were running late for class because they were waiting in line for cocoa”
  • “It was A LOT of fun! I had a blast!”
  • “At first alot was happening all at once and I didn’t know where to go but once it got going it all went really well! The kids seemed really excited to get the reflectors and to be congratulatied for walking to school. They all were into it and gave high fives and wrote their names on the sidewalk with chalk.”
  • “Even more activities for the kids would be good!”
  • “Have stations assigned ahead of time”

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