Travel Tallies completed!

Thank you to all teachers and schools that completed the Travel Tallies in September.

As a special thank you this time around we gave a “SR2S Team” Coffee Tumbler and Coffee Card to each school to raffle off at their next staff meeting!

We appreciate all the teacher’s work in getting these Travel Tallies completed at the beginning and end of each school year.

We’ve sent them to the National Data Collection Center to process.

A total of 58 Travel Tallies were collected this September. Here’s the break-down….

Lena Whitmore: 14 classes collected!

McDonald: 16 classes collected!

West Park: 10 classes collected!

Russell: 7 classes collected!

Palouse Prairie: 5 collected!

Moscow Charter: 6 collected!

Thank you again to all!

These Travel Tallies provide valuable information about how our Moscow students are getting to school!

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