Worldwide Day of Play on 9.24.11!

Worldwide Day of Play is on 9.24.11!

Nickelodeon’s 8th annual Worldwide Day of Play is on Saturday, September 24th. Nickelodeon will go dark, completely turning off all programming, to encourage kids to get up, get out and go play. In honor of the event, thousands of local schools, communities, organizations and families host their very own events. Moscow is looking forward to being a part of this event!

Please contact Brooke Lowry if you have an idea of what your school can do to celebrate this event!

We will be happy to help coordinate this day of activity and play. We will help your school register and get your event scrolled across the TV screens during the 3 hours Nickelodeon will be turned off on September 24!

For more info and ideas:


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