Fill the Racks Summary!

Here’s how it all happened…
On Wednesday, May 4th all Elementary and Jr. high Schools in Moscow encouraged their students to ride, walk or roll to school for Fill the Racks!
This event is the third Safe Routes to School event this year!
All 8 schools participated:
  • Lena Whitmore
  • McDonal Elementary
  • Moscow Charter
  • Palouse Prarie
  • Russell Elementary
  • St. Mary’s Catholic School
  • West Park Elementary
  • Moscow Jr. High
Volunteers from the community and U of I made the event a success at each school!
  • 3-4 UI Athletes helped at each school to give out incentives and cheer the kids on.
  • 10 UI Cycling Team members volunteered to bike to schools and talk to kids about their bikes.
  • Mayor Nancy Chaney encouraged students at the Jr. High. Other community leaders and parent volunteers helped orchestrate the morning’s events at each school.
Bike and pedestrian safety information is always distributed to each school for students and parents at every SR2S event.
Incentives such as reflectors, lights, pencils and helmets were provided by the state and distributed to each school by Moscow’s SR2S Coordinator.
Special things that happened this year:
  • Each school Principal’s estimated how many bikes were going to be in their bike racks on May 4th. Here are the results!
  • McDonald had the highest number of bikes and achieved their Principal’s estimate of 112 bikes and scooters in their bike racks!
  • Special mention for Moscow Charter School who’s bike rack was not big enough for all their bikes!
  • At the Jr. High, an active travel chalk mural was created by the U of I Art Artist and Madness students (ideas provided by the Jr. High art students).

Here’s a video of the impressive number of bikes at McDonald Elementary! 112 bikes and scooters! (almost 3x their usual number of bikers!)

Descriptions of the photos below:
  • The Active Travel chalk mural created by the UI Art Artist and Madness students on the south side of the Jr. High. (Ideas by Moscow Jr. High Art students)
  • Mayor Nancy Chaney encouraging students and wearing her cycling jersey signed by Gold Medalist (Moscow’s very own!) Kristin Armstrong
  • UI Cycling team members were at 4 out of the 8 Moscow schools, in team jerseys, showing kids their great bikes and talking about biking!
  • West Park Elementary had their busing students run the field in order to get incentives for active participation

If your school has photos you would like to add to this collection, please email them to blowry [at] uidaho [dot] edu

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